Birthday Surprises

DH gifts - 2023
DH gifts – 2023

I was so fortunate to receive some fab gifts for my birthday. First, my husband let me open my gifts early in the morning.

Of course, I always love the gifts he gets me, but I really liked the card. It says “Part Rainbow Part Tornado” and I think it is fairly perfect for me.

Birthday gifts form Julie 2023
Birthday gifts from Julie 2023

As usual, Julie and I went out to lunch and to a quilt store. She got me A LOT of gifts! I was so thrilled to get so many. I really liked them too.

Tula Pink Minerals
Tula Pink Minerals

The guild retreat is coming up so I look forward to using the wool pressing mat. Julie assures me it doesn’t smell. It goes with the mini Oliso she gave me a few years ago. Julie also stocked me up on Tula Pink ribbon from Renaissance Ribbon and Tula fabric. Yay!

The minerals are really good tone-on-tone fabric. I might still be able to use some of them for La Passacaglia.

Gift from Amanda - 2023
Gift from Amanda – 2023

In Portland, I met Amanda for lunch. She also gave me a gift. I was surprised and pleased!

First of all, she made that fabulous pouch. I’ll show more of it another day. The top stitching is amazing, then she filled it with totally useful gifts – items that I will definitely use up. And candy. We all need something sweet, right?

I know a lot of people donated to the charity I chose on Facebook and that just warms my heart. I am so fortunate to have so many good friends.