26 Projects 2023 #1

Finished 2023 Quilt Projects

None yet

Finished (for me!) Donation Quilts

I don’t quilt much and I enjoy the collaborative effort of making a top and allowing someone else to quilt it. Thus, the quilts below are mostly tops, but I will include a finished quilt once someone else finishes it for the group.

Finished Bags and Small Projects

This category covers bags, toys, aprons and knitting as well as other non-quilt projects.

Ready for Quilting

Nothing at the moment

In Process or To Make
The ‘In Process’ is used to denote projects on which I am actively working or are on the design wall waiting for me to stitch. I am continuing to try not to put away projects. I find putting a project away ensures I never work on them, because I just lose steam.

Quilts (machine work)

  • Who Am I? – I have made progress on this quilt. I am almost done with the applique’, though the last bit will take some time. Progress is good.

Quilts (Handwork)

I decided that some of my quilts are in a different class because they are hand piecing or embroidery or beading. They take longer. Thus I created a new category and have moved some projects here.

  • Half Hexie Stars Project– I am reignited about this project after working on it at the November Sew Day. I have been working away steadily and can see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • La Passacaglia – I am now working on Month 18, the last month with rosettes. Next is finishing the quilt.

In the Quilting Process

In the Finishing Process

  • The Tarts Come to Tea – I am almost finished hand sewing on the sleeve. Nearly there!!!

Small Projects

Most of my progress involves thinking or just cutting. I don’t have a bag in process at the moment.

  • Ultimate Project Organizer – another project from the Crafty Gemini Organizer Club, also on my list, but not yet started. I did pull the fabric, supplies and reviewed some finished photos that others posted, so I am one step closer.
  • Retreat Organizer – another project from the Crafty Gemini Organizer Club, also on my list, but not yet started. Recently, I saw one of these made up and I am not so nervous about it. I did pull the fabric, supplies and reviewed some finished photos that others posted, so I am one step closer.
  • Rose Petrillo bag – I found the pieces for this bag cut out, but not sewn.
  • Superbloom tote using Hindsight fabric – not started. I did pull the fabric, supplies and found a photo I plan to use as inspiration that others posted, so I am one step closer.

Still UFOs
I still have UFOs. Who doesn’t, after all? A project in the ‘UFO’ category means I am stalled, it hasn’t been worked on in awhile or it is waiting its turn to be worked on. The list is a lot shorter and the projects are newer, for the most part.

I am annoyed that some of these are still WIPs. I just need to work on them!

  1. Handbag Sampler – this is still the forgotten project. It should be on the UFO list. The blocks were teaching samples when I taught a sampler class some time before I started writing the quilt class sampler tutorials. I found one block recently, but otherwise I don’t actually know exactly where the blocks are hiding. I crawled up in the far reaches of my fabric closet to see if I could find them and they weren’t where I thought. I am sort of mystified as to where they could be. I haven’t even found a picture of all the blocks. WTH?
  2. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. After a brief burst of inspiration, I am stalled on this again. As one of my oldest (I am pretty sure) UFOs, I put it on my blog and out into the Twitterverse and Diane suggested that I not consider this as a self portrait. I think that strategy is a great idea. I am now trying to think of a new persona for her.
  3. Serendipity Lady – I am still planning to take this piece to be framed. It might need a bit of quilting first.
  4. Fabric of the Year 2020
  5. Fabric of the Year 2021 – I may combine 2020 and 2021 into a COVID edition.
  6. Fabric of the Year 2022 – yes, I added this one to the list, but this is the last one I plan to do.

Cyndi’s Scissor Cozy

I wanted to show you more of the details of the scissor cozies I made last month at the request of SueS. I wrote a little about the reasons and showed all of the cozies together in a previous post.

Cyndi's Scissor Cozy
Cyndi’s Scissor Cozy

First, I wanted Cyndi’s to match the Oslo tote I made her in a swap a year or so ago. I rummaged around and found some similar fabric.

I couldn’t remember if I added a D-ring to the Oslo tote and I didn’t see one in the photos on the post about that bag. Too bad, but I am sure she can find something on which to clip it.

Cyndi's scissor cozy - Wunderlabel
Cyndi’s scissor cozy – Wunderlabel

Next, I wanted to use my Wunderlabels, so I got those out and figured out placement.

As an aside, I really like those Wunderlabels. They are elegant and as long as I remember to sew one on, they work great. I am pretty sure I will buy more when I run out.

Cyndi's scissor cozy - Advent label
Cyndi’s scissor cozy – Advent label

Third, I wanted to use the Advent labels as well. Pouches are the perfect project for these fun labels and I think the recipients would appreciate them.

I did a lot of prep, which you know I think seems like a waste of time. The day I worked on these, however, I tried to have a different attitude. I tried to think of the prep as another step in getting the pouch finished. I finished sewing that day in a much better mood and feeling like I had accomplished something rather than being frustrated that I hadn’t accomplished enough.

The cozies in general came out very well and I am pleased.

January 2023 Donation Blocks

Not the 31 donation blocks I would have liked to make, but a fair number. Yes, I have added to the number of pink blocks for the next Color Strip donation quilt, which I talked about a few days ago. Stay tuned for more on that piece as it develops.

SueS’s Scissor Cozy

Sue's Scissor Cozy
Sue’s Scissor Cozy

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies, as mentioned. I decided to make her one as well. She has done a lot of work int he past couple of months with a couple of extra projects in the works.

The annoying thing was pulling fabrics, but once that was done, it was just as easy to make 3 as it was to make two.

Sue's Scissor Cozy - inside
Sue’s Scissor Cozy – inside

I wasn’t sure what color to make so went with a blue, which I, then, cut wrong and didn’t have enough yardage to cut another piece. I chose the above Allison Glass fabric and was more careful about cutting. I also chose a light blue/turquoise inside. I liked the fabric, though I probably should have gone with a white as I can see dark corners in the piece already.

You can see my Wunderlabel on the inside right side of the pouch.

Sue's Scissor Cozy -label
Sue’s Scissor Cozy -label

I also used one of the Advent labels to add a little fun tot he piece. I really chose the label because of the color. It matches. Maybe next time I’ll think about the message as well.

Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch

Venetia's Cotton Candy Pouch - cut
Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch – cut

I started the Cotton Candy Pouch I have been wanting to make for awhile. So far so good. I have to say that cutting isn’t annoying me as much as it has in the past. I am cutting up a storm. Maybe having the supplies and fabric organized* helps?

This is for a work colleague who arranged my second contract at the company where I work and then moved to a different department. We are still getting together occasionally for lunch and to share info, but we don’t work together anymore.

She did a lot of work to get me this contract. Since it is a cross-border department there was extra aggravation. I wanted to make her something as a thank you and this is it.

Cotton Candy: sewing the body together
Cotton Candy: sewing the body together

I fussy cut the main panels out of some Marsha Derse fabric . I hope they will look ok. They look a little somber to me.

Still, this is such a great pattern. I can’t wait to finish it and see how it looks.





*I don’t think I told you about the day I spent pulling fabrics and organizing supplies for bags, did I? The short version of the story is that I looked at my list of bags I wanted to make and spent a day finding all the supplies I need and putting them together in a project box.

Gifts for Julie Update

I have added a few more gifts to the list.

I am pleased to see these bags and accessories show up when we meet to sew. It is so nice that she is using them.


Scissor Cozies

2023 Scissor Cozies
2023 Scissor Cozies

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies for a couple of the officers. She bought them scissors and had them engraved. The two really went above and beyond during COVID. They entered a difficult situation, before COVID, and stepped up magnificently.

This is a Sotak Handmade pattern. Again, I watched a little of the video, but mostly read the directions and my notes on the directions. I made some additional notes to make these easier next time. I have to print some photos to keep with the directions.

I’ll write more about the specifics of each cozy later.

More Who Am I? Updates

Who Am I? - January 2023
Who Am I? – January 2023

I made more progress. I am seeing light at the end of this tunnel.

Do the little that I have done really feels like a lot of progress. Of course, it is taking me forever to do a little.

I am happy with what I have done and am already thinking about quilting options. Shocking! I know. Who knows why quilting is even entering my mind, though this is an art quilt and there are things I want to say with it that I think I will say with quilting. More accurately, Colleen will say with quilting. 🙂

Who Am I? - January 2023 detail
Who Am I? – January 2023 detail

I did the line that says ‘Julie’s Friend’, using some Tula Pink ribbon I had. I used a lot of pins to keep it in place until I could sew it down. I think it looks pretty good.

As I mentioned, I had planned to do the last three lines using bias tape, but ‘Paul’s Wife’ put me off that idea. It’s disappointing, because I do like bias tape, especially the stretchiness of it.

More satin stitching comes next.

La Pass Month 16 Done

La Pass: M16 Rosette #1
La Pass: M16 Rosette #1

I finally finished Month 16! This is the second to last month (remember? Pink Door had to switch around M17 and M16 because of fabric shipping issues?)

This month consisted of 3.5-4 rosettes. I finished this piece a few weeks ago. You saw it already, I know, but I wanted all the pieces from the whole month together.

The other two rosettes, which are connected took me much longer. I am not sure why. I worked steadily on them even through the holidays, but still, they took forever.

La Pass: Month 16 Rosettes #2 & 3
La Pass: Month 16 Rosettes #2 & 3

I don’t think the challenge was the design or the number of pieces. The changes I made to the design might have contributed. Maybe I was just slow or there were a lot of  pieces or I had to rip out a lot. Who knows. I still enjoyed the work and can’t wait to get back to the next month, M18.

NYE Pillowcases

NYE Pillowcases
NYE Pillowcases

I dragged out this old New Year’s fabric and made some pillowcases for my college student nephews.

It’s really fun fabric and I haven’t seen any like it in a long time. I still have two, approximately FQs, pieces left and will make some napkins. I think that may have been my original intention, but I don’t need 2.5 yards worth of napkins.

Color Strip Donation Blocks Again

I have some leftover yellow color strip donation blocks on my design wall. They were leftover from the Rainbow Strip donation quilt. Apparently, they were lonely, because I started making more in different colors. I started with the green ones, because I had some green strips laying around. I suppose I intended to make another Rainbow Strip donation quilt, but then I started in on pink. Now I think I’ll make a pink Color Strip donation quilt. I haven’t made a pink one and my pink scrap drawer is full to bursting. No surprise there.

It’s a good start for my 2023 donation blocks effort.

Who Am I? Continuing On

Who Am I? Progress - Dec 2022
Who Am I? Progress – Dec 2022

I continued to work on Who Am I? over the winter break. I wanted to finish it and just be done, but other projects and resting prevailed. Still, I was able to add another line of text to the piece.

I used bias tape to add Paul’s Wife to the piece. I had good luck using bias tape in the Red Scribbles quilt and also when I taught my students how to make bias tape and use it.  Thus, I thought it would be easier than it was. I think the loops and swirls were smaller than my previous works. I used 1/4 inch bias tape, which is the smallest I could make. Still, I am happy with the result.

Two more rows to go!

As an added bonus, I used my new Daylight light table** for the first time. It is awesome.






**Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Christmas Gifts for Me

2022 Gifts from Family
2022 Gifts from Family

I had to show you my Christmas gifts. We didn’t buy each other a lot of gifts this year because we are buying some things for the house. I was pleased with what I received.

Most of this is from my stocking, but I received a pair of pajamas that I love. I got a lot of candy and snacks, which is great, because I don’t have to store them. Well, I don’t have to store them for long. 😉

Sew Sweetness order - Dec 2022
Sew Sweetness order – Dec 2022

One of the items above is a pattern holder for knitting.I have to start that second sock, so I think it will come in handy.

I also got a couple of gift certificates, so I bought some stuff from Sew Sweetness and some zippers for the projects I organized over my break.

Gifts from Julie
Gifts from Julie

Julie gave me a bonanza. That ruler on the left is the HuRTy ruler from Latifah Saafir. It makes Half Rectangle triangles. Remember my guidelines?

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will so I can add the info to the tutorial.


Julie’s Problem Zipper

Take a Stand - Problem Zipper
Take a Stand – Problem Zipper

In September I did a gift inventory as I worked on various projects for the holidays. It takes time to make gifts, so I do periodic inventories so I am not scrambling at the last second. During this excavation, I found that the zipper on Julie’s Take a Stand bag had the same problem as mine! Fortunately, I realized this in September, not November 30, and took care of the problem right away. It really only took me a few minutes, since I had already fixed the issue on my bag.

Take a Stand - Fixed Zipper
Take a Stand – Fixed Zipper

I took 15 minutes while DH made dinner and fixed the zipper. I was able to tighten up the size of the zipper tab at the same time, which made me feel better. I don’t like zipper tabs that are big and floppy. I realize that the one on the end was not big and floppy before I fixed it, but it was not the right size either.

Take a Stand opens wide
Take a Stand opens wide

Now the bag opens wide. Yay!

And I was able to admire the inside again, which came out very well. I am very proud of it.

I really felt irritated with myself. What was the deal with those two zipper heads? If I did it twice, there had to be something in the pattern.