Finished: Hand Bone Hackney

Hand Bone Hackney - top
Hand Bone Hackney – top

I made another Hackney. It is a gift for a friend. As you can, no doubt, see this one also uses the Timeless Treasures fabric that I used for the Skeleton Hackney.

Hand Bone Hackney bottom
Hand Bone Hackney bottom

I talked about this one in another post. I am really liking the pink zipper, of which you just get a slight glimpse. It is a fun addition to the somber skeleton fabric.

Every time I make one of these, I feel like getting a Switch and seeing if it would really fit in here. Stupid waste of money since I probably wouldn’t play with a Switch. Still, I am curious.

Hand Bone Hackney -interior
Hand Bone Hackney -interior

I used an older Joel Dewberry fabric for the inside and it is cheerful. I am making another one as a gift and I am going to change the mesh pocket for something different. Maybe a vinyl pocket?

I think the mesh pocket looks ok and I did a good job. There is something about having the zipper where it is that bugs me.

Hand Bone Hackney - handle
Hand Bone Hackney – handle

I added a handle, because I think it makes the bag more useful. I haven’t quite figured out the placement and I think this one is a little too tight. It was a little hard to get my hand around it. I also sewed through the lining as well and that caused some challenges for later steps in the process. Since the handle isn’t part of the pattern and I have to add it before the whole thing is put together, I think I am doing ok. I’ll do better next time.