Color Wheel Hackney #2

Color Wheel Hackney - Sue
Color Wheel Hackney – Sue

I tend to make Carrie and Sue the same pouches with slight differences. They are good friends and I think that they were great students.

Color Wheel Hackney - Sue - interior
Color Wheel Hackney – Sue – interior

So, as I made a Hackney for Carrie, so I made a Hackney for Sue. In this case, the exterior fabric is the same, but cut a little different and the interior fabric, zippers and other detail parts are different. I made the interiors different, but still relating to being creative. I am excited about the interior. I also fussy cut it and am pleased with the fussy cutting. It is super fun.

Color Wheel Hackney - end  (Sue)
Color Wheel Hackney – end (Sue)

This one also has a handle. As I said before, they are useful.

I wasn’t sure if I liked the way the handle and front panel interacted – the way the fabric motifs overlapped and interfered with each other, but I think fussy cutting the top draws the viewer’s attention to that space and you don’t see the mashup of motifs where the handle is attached.

The front of the front panel (which is a gusset) looks really good, I think. That little piece of color wheel is appealing.

Color Wheel Hackney - Sue
Color Wheel Hackney – Sue

As I said with Carrie’s Hackney, Sue’s also goes with her Boxy Clear Pouch. You know I love to make sets of bags.

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