Happy Mother’s Day 2-in-1 Case

Mom's 2-in-1-Case
Mom’s 2-in-1-Case

This 2-in-1 Case is for my Mom for Mother’s Day. I cut this out at Sew Day, I think, and made it at the Retreat.

I forgot to put the foam inside. I did adhere fusible batting, so it has some structure, but it floopier than the others I have made.

I really had trouble with the snaps. I used the Snapsetter and found out that it has to be on a hard surface. The folding table that made my Retreat workstation was not stable enough so I had to redo the top cap twice. I think the bottom part may come off if she isn’t careful, so I’ll have to warn her.

Mom's 2-in-1-Case - inside
Mom’s 2-in-1-Case – inside

I think she could probably use this for non-sewing stuff in a tote bag or in her purse. I am sure she will think of some way to use it.

I got her a bigger and better gift also, which makes me not so worried about the snap.

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