2024 Revisiting Gifts for Gerre

I find it useful to keep track of all the gifts I make for my friends – and my Mom. It is really fun to see them all together. It is also useful to know what I have made, so I get an idea of what new patterns I can use going forward.

I can see that I could make an I Spy pouch for her for sure. Perhaps I should make those this year for all the bags. Still, I do enjoy trying new patterns and I have several to try, so we will see. I like to make useful bags and the I Spy pouches are very useful.

It is also fun to see the Mega Pinnie. I had forgotten about that. It might be time to make another. I have a whole bag of poly stuffing and no project in sight for that.

It is pretty amazing that I have made 15 gifts for her. It started out as a way to make her smile and has become a tradition, at least for me.