Colorblocks 3 Progress

I made some progress on the Colorblocks 3 quilt. I started making blocks using the Square in a Square ruler**. My YM helped with basic directions for that ruler. I used silk I have had for making this quilt since 2003 or so.

Colorblocks 3-laying out blocks
Colorblocks 3-laying out blocks

I had a plan to make 16 blocks only and began laying out the blocks as I finished them.

I started using a limited amount of colors but it soon felt like the silk FQs were multiplying. I kept finding new and different colors in the stack. I had a little of each color, but mostly pink and blues. No big surprise there.

The blocks went together quickly and the Square in a Square ruler was pretty easy to use. I was disappointed that the blocks ended up all being on the bias. I have to check and see if I missed something about how to cut the fabric so the outside wasn’t on the bias. I was careful not to stretch them unless I needed a little ease.







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