Palomino Pouch Start

Palomino Pouch start
Palomino Pouch start

This is another pattern from Minikins Season 3. For some reason, it struck my fancy and I decided to make it.

One of the things I already like about the pattern is that you sew the zipper to the side panel as one of the first steps. That means that when I sew the zipper to the main panels, I will sew the side pieces as well.

I did some fussy cutting of the Tula butterfly fabric, as you can see.

I had some trouble cutting this out with a rotary cutter, because the side panels have an interior 90 degree angle, which doesn’t work withe a rotary cutter. I ended up drawing lines around the template and cutting it out with scissors. I used WonderClips** to keep the fold in place while I cut the pieces out.

Palomino pouch inside inside
Palomino pouch inside

This picture (right) shows getting ready to sew the zipper and the side panels to the main panels. I used some Frankenfoam and hope that works out. I used some quite small pieces. Apparently, I can’t throw anything out! Pouches are a good use for Frankenfoam, however.

Palomino pouch in process
Palomino pouch in process

This is the same picture as above, but from the top. Stay tuned for the finishing.







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