YM PJ Pants Finished

YM PJ Pants
YM PJ Pants

At the last minute, or nearly the last minute, before the YM went home, he finished his PJ pants. I provided a little help.

We only had to do the casing for the elastic, and the hem, but it still took a couple of hours. He did a lot better at sewing this time. His stitch lines were a lot straighter than last time, so he didn’t have to rip anything out.

There were a couple of details in the pattern instructions I didn’t understand, but I think we made the finishing work.

Having to finish before he went home stressed him out a little, but I just kept supporting him and reeling him back from the stress abyss.

YM PJ Pants - detail
YM PJ Pants – detail

The fabric is a flannel from Joann called Tarot.