Breakage by SueG

SueG’s entries were amazing! I didn’t know she entered so many projects into the Fair.

Breakage by SueG
Breakage by SueG

This is Breakage by one of my friends (and student). It is her own design and I am so proud of her. She won a ribbon at the Fair as you can see.

She said that she was able to make this quilt, because of what I taught her in the quilt class. That made me feel SOO good.

I have been wanting to write about her quilt, Breakage, for awhile and seeing it at the Fair meant that I could take a photo and then would be able to write about it.

One of the things I teach is that knowing all the techniques allows you to have the skills to not only design your quilts, but actually put them together. Sue knew how to sew and how to make quilts when she joined my class, but she has much more confidence now and is really making some amazing works. Breakage is just one of them.

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