See ( April 13, 2014)
See ( April 13, 2014)


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread


  • Machine quilting
  • Fusible Applique’ with satin stitching
  • Reverse Machine Applique’
  • Beading
  • Hand embroidery with Perl cotton



  • Year: 2003-2014
  • Size:

Quilted By:

  • Jaye A. H. Lapachet



This is a small art quilt, which was started in a David Walker class, held in Capitola in 2003. This was an old piece that I picked up and finished in 2014.

This piece is based on a Chinese character, the character for our word “See”. I made it as a reminder to really look at things, not just glance at them, snap a picture and move on. It is an ongoing process for me to really look and see things.

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