HST Donation Quilt Ready for Quilting

HST Donation Top
HST Donation Top

I finally sat down on Friday afternoon and worked to finish this top. I really wanted to get it ready for quilting and it had been hanging around for too long. I am pleased with how it came out and look forward to seeing how it gets quilted.

HST Donation Back
HST Donation Back

I am going to show it to Tim, then send it on to another guild member for quilting.

I tried to use as much of the Pop Parade for the back as I could.

Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “HST Donation Quilt Ready for Quilting”

    1. Ooooh! I didn’t think of that, but you are right. The triangles do look like sails. I am glad it is done, but I am also really happy I put another donation quilt together. It was good to use some extra pieces for something useful and pretty.

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