Friendship Block

Last week I mentioned that Camilla, of CamillaKnits, called for blocks for a family who had recently lost their father and husband in a tragic accident. I thought that it wouldn’t be very difficult to whip out something and send it off.

My block is above. I wanted to make it cheerful and I think it does come across as cheerful. Camilla’s rules were 12×12″ finished blocks. Mine isn’t 12×12″, so it will probably end up on the back, but that is no problem for me. I am finding that it is almost impossible for me to follow new directions lately, though I did try.

I have to say I would have done well to just get out Around the Block and make a normal block. This one took me about 2 hours rather than the few minutes I thought it would. I don’t regret the time, because it gave me the opportunity to think about the changes to the lives of family involved. I was also able to contemplate the projects in which I used these cheerful fabrics.

I hope Camilla can use my block and that the family takes some comfort from the quilt.

Author: Jaye

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2 thoughts on “Friendship Block”

  1. Oh. That block is gorgeous, and I think it will be the center of a medallion quilt for the youngest Oliver child, the only girl. That way her quilt can be reversible, as all young ladies of 7 are known be fickle on occasion. Thank you so much for helping out with this project. Patchwork could be a very good metaphor for putting a life back together after such a sudden and tragic loss. I know they’ll appreciate it. It makes me happy just looking at it. You are wonderful, Jaye. *smooches* Camilla

  2. I am glad that you like it. I am off now, so perhaps I will have a chance o ry out some other blocks and send them your way. I enjoy spreading cheerfulness and if I don’t get to it in time, I am sure another opportunity for you to use them will come up. Have you thought of having the kids in the family to do some quilting or something on the quilts herself?

    I think that you are right in saying that patchwork could be a metaphor for putting a life back together.

    Thanks for including me in the project. It is good to be reminded of all that I am fortunate enough to have.

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