New Star Block from Flickr

New Star Block
Originally uploaded by kirbyloulou

I saw this block about 2 weeks ago and have not been able to get it out of my mind. With the many, many blocks in the DS pool, I wasn’t able to find it again either. I was really glad to come across it today. Love the pointy corners.

Author: Jaye

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2 thoughts on “New Star Block from Flickr”

  1. Joyce: Thanks for reading! If you click on the link to Flickr, you will see the original block and the original maker. I was planning on drawing it out and figuring out the piecing process later. I think it will be some regular piecing and some paper piecing (corners), but will have to see. You can contact the person who posted it and see if it is a pattern. I’ll post to the blog if I find out.

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