Belated Thank You

Top Down View
Top Down View

K and Mrs. K came down for the Pamela Allen class. They had a four hour drive, which was above and beyond IMO. Still, I was (and still am!) so thrilled that they joined us, because they (not in any particular order):

  1. did great work
  2. added great comments to the class critiques
  3. brought loads of fabric that we all rummaged through
  4. are FABULOUS company

I invited them to stop and have dinner with us on their way down to Santa Clara. After the long drive I didn’t want them to have to forage for food as well. I thought we could have a nice chat; they could get a look at the Child and we could talk about projects.

They showed up and I come to find out they have a gift for me! I love gifts, especially unexpected and perfect gifts. It was a perfect gift: dot fabrics. It was a perfect gift with a wonderful presentation.

Perfect Presentation
Perfect Presentation

I love seeing the fabric the people think I will like. K and Mrs. K know I love dots! Perfect!

Whole Dotted Enchilada
Whole Dotted Enchilada

Thanks, for the fabric, for your friendship and support.

Author: Jaye

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2 thoughts on “Belated Thank You”

  1. *blush* you are most welcome! It was very fun looking at all of mom’s dotted fabrics – it was fun watching mom try to figure out how to get it all together in the perfect way inside that little pail (it didn’t seem quite so little when we got it!). And having dinner with you and your family was so lovely and relaxing! I greatly enjoyed the entire weekend (i know, it was a friday/saturday, so not the WHOLE weekend) – even the parts that made me frustrated with myself. I know I really worked hard.

    And thank YOU, Jaye, for all of YOUR friendship and support! You always know how to lift me up 🙂

    1. Kristen: It is great when we can support each other! I am really glad I lured you down here. Quiltmaking takes practice and I know you have so little free time. Take care of yourself. If you can find time to be creative, then do so. It will soothe your soul.

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