Gift Bags Return

Gift Bag #2, Holiday 2009
Gift Bag #2, Holiday 2009

This is one of the fabrics I received from the new Etsy store in April, which I didn’t order. Some of it isn’t really my style, but every style makes a good gift bag, so here is gift bag #2 for Holiday 2009.

To make gift bags:

I press a double hem on one side of a fat quarter and finish it with a decorative stitch. This is a good way to get to know the resources required to use your decorative stitches.

Once done, I fold the piece in half, right sides together, aligning the hem at the top. I put a piece of ribbon, folded in half, inside the piece. The fold of the ribbon will be sticking of the side a little bit and is placed about a quarter of the way down the side.

I sew down the side, starting with the hem. I reinforce the start, the the ribbon and the end by backstitching over it a few times. Then I turn the bag right side out.

I love using gift bags for gifts. Besides the fact that I intensely dislike wrapping gifts with paper, the fabric feels so much nicer in my hands. I also get to see the beautiful holiday fabric each year.

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