Tarts Cream Drips

Tarts, Small Drip
Tarts, Small Drip

This is the piece of pie and whipped cream, which you have seen four dozen times. I am forced to continue to show it to you until you scream for mercy. Only because you asked for it. 😉

Okay! Okay! I am not so mean. This is actually a slightly larger drip than before. I took your advice and decided to make the drip a little larger. I don’t think it is large enough here. When I stand back, it still looks like a speck. I don’t want people to think I made a big boo-boo on the applique’.

Tarts, Big Drip
Tarts, Big Drip

Here is the big drip. It looks like something! I used the same shape; just made it a bit bigger. I like it and it will probably be sewed down this weekend.

Sewing it down would be very nice, because then I can get it off of my design wall and put something else up.

Oh. The back. I still have to make the back. Sigh.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

8 thoughts on “Tarts Cream Drips”

  1. M-E-R-C-Y!!!

    IF you MAKE be be serious though, I like the bigger drip. Of course I am a little drippy myself, so I WOULD like the bigger drips more. 😀 And the back…will it have drips on it too? 😀

  2. No drips on the back, but I had some other ideas. I thought I would satin stitch the whipped cream, drips and a cherry and take the thing off the design wall. No dice! Yesterday, as my creative juices flowed (as a result of reading _Julia’s Chocolates_ by Cathy Lamb???), I had another idea for more! Stay tuned!

  3. you’re so funny, changing the size of the drip. thats dedication.the colors are fantastic!!

    did you ever buy a circle cutter? i was really impressed with it. once you adhere the fusible web it cuts through it with no problems making a perfect circle. beautiful.

    1. Funny is a very nice way of describing it, Leah! Others have said insane, crazy, obsessive, etc. I will sew it on!!! I promise. I am done obsessing. Thanks for stopping by!

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