More Zentangles

I tried really hard not to get caught up in the Zentangles movement. I can no longer avoid it. Some of the work being done is phenomenal and it makes me so appreciative of QuiltRat who regularly shares her doodles with us as part of the Creative Prompt Project. Go to the Zentangles blog to see more fabulous work, including Zentangles quilts.
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Quilt Surprise

You can see more of Pat’s quilting at her website.
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2 thoughts on “More Zentangles”

  1. These quilts are very Zentangley…….LOVE them.
    My quilt titled “Graffiti” has zentangle doodling as well as zentangled stitching……..It’s not hard to get caught up in these. When I started I just thought I was doodling but then learned of this whole Zentangle movement.

    Sorry I seem to have gone AWOL. I have been keeping my list up to date and hope to soon get back to regular contributions to the CPP

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