Frosted Stars Progress

4 Frosted Star Blocks
4 Frosted Star Blocks

Here are four of the blocks I have made for my Frosted Stars project. There are a couple of things I found and a couple of things I decided.

I found that the red is not working. It is too intense for this project, so I am not going to include any other red in the blocks I have made six blocks so far, which is slightly less than half of what I need.

I also decided that I would use the turquoise primarily for the background triangles. I decided that I am going to include a couple of blocks with the silver for the background triangles. I am also going to include a couple of blocks with other blues. Perhaps I will include only one, perhaps more. I haven’t decided.

My next step is to cut a bunch of background squares so I can put more blocks together. I haven’t worked on these blocks since last weekend as I have either not been sewing, pressing and cutting diamonds or have been working on the Zig Zaggy back.

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2 thoughts on “Frosted Stars Progress”

  1. I think I agree with all your decisions! Even though the turquoise is pretty bright, it doesn’t have the heat that the red does so it sets off the other colors really well without overpowering them. Isn’t it wild how fabrics that look one way together laid out in a stack on your cutting board as you’re auditioning them can change personality once they play together in a block? One of my favorite–albeit sometimes frustrating–things about quilting!

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for your comments. I was REALLY surprised how well the red looked on my design and how much I didn’t like it once the blocks were sewn together. I have a long way to go to get this quilt finished, so we will see how it changes.

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