Red and White Quilts

If you haven’t seen the Red & White quilts at the NYC Park Armory and you are within commuting distance, go see them! Admission is free!!!! A couple of friends have gone to see them and have said that the exhibit is amazing. It is only there for a few more days. Make the time!

3/31/2011 Update: Here are some (there are many, many articles on this exhibit) news stories about this exhibit:

  • Financial Times: Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts, Park Avenue Armory, New York. By Simon Schama
  • NYCtheblog: Amazing Display of 651 Red and White Quilts by Paolo Mastrangelo
  • New York Times: Finally, Mrs. Rose (and the Public) Can See All Her Quilts by James Barron

Author: Jaye

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