Hooked on Hexagons

Dear TFQ and Little Bluebell,
This is all your fault.
Now that I have that out of the way, yes, I seem to be hooked on hexagons. The test piece is much larger. If you want to cut hexagons, like I am doing, check out Little Bluebell’s cutting directions.

Much larger hexagon test piece
Much larger hexagon test piece

I am also interested in the Spin Wheel design by Fons & Porter. I was watching, what I thought was a Kaleidoscope episode and it turned out to be the Spin Wheel episode. I took notes again so I could do a test block.

Spin Wheel drawings
Spin Wheel drawings
Spin Wheel drawings 2
Spin Wheel drawings 2

I went looking for examples people have made and only found a few. I found a tutorial, which is good since I don’t have the magazine. BeckyF also did the pattern in fun colors, which I found on Flickr. There is one on Webshots that is done more in the colors the Fons & Porter ladies like. I like this progression/gallery of photos making the Spin Wheel. Also, the blue and yellow are cheerful.

This has nothing to do with the Spin Wheel, but Daniel Rouse has put up a really cool hexagon quilt on his site. I like the small and large.

Test Pieces Arranged #2
Test Pieces Arranged #2

I am also starting a scrap project using the Twirling Triangles pattern, which is, ultimately, a hexagon.

FOTY 2011 Triangles - 4/2011
FOTY 2011 Triangles – 4/2011

Oh, of course, FOTY 2011, too. Yes, I have a thing going. Obsessed is probably a better word.

Check out Sandy’s site. She is thinking about hexagons, too. And Pam over at Hip to Be a Square podcast. These two are totally my fault. How can I not want to spread the joy of something fun?

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Little Bluebell’s Cutting Instructions

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  1. Hexagons! Yikes! Sorry, that’s all I can come up with, my mind is completely boggled. I’m loving the FOTY so far, especially the 4-in-1 triangles.

  2. Ha! You know I love to lead you into temptation! But you have to admit that I do it with subtlety — I never suggest you should do something, I just put my enticing projects in front of your face and get out of the way…

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