Various & Sundry #8

Around and About the Web

I just wanted to remind you about the Skillbuilder Series. I haven’t been by in a month or so and I can’t believe how much they have beefed up their class list. If you need basic skills or a nice refresher on a technique, take a look at Sandy and Jeanne’s blog.

I stumbled on Katie’s From the Blue chair blog on a day where she posted a truly fabulous project: a gorgeous, spiny New York Beauty. It is a pillow and has the most gorgeous quilting. Nice job!

You know I love Danny Gregory’s work. He posted a video recently that I really enjoyed. It is a short video, but shows him drawing and made me realize that his drawings aren’t perfect in the sense that all of the lines are straight. The lines are a big crooked and he goes over some of the other lines and makes them different. Very inspiring! He also, in the course of report on a visit to RISD gives some great insight into making art AND going to art school. It is one of those posts you need to read every once in a while to get back on track.

Lyric Kinard has the Kindness Chronicles. In a recent post, she shows a heart made by Beth Wheeler who has project called Joy Jam. Not only do I like the heart pictured in Lyric’s post, but, I also like the idea of it. It is a good way to spread some joy. It is a good way to just make something. The hearts are probably fast to make and you could use any technique, which means it is a small commitment to try out new techniques. The Kindness Chronicles post includes a recipe for White Bean Chili, FYI.

There are a plethora of pillow and piping tutorials posted on Katie’s Quilting Corner website. Great way to see different methods. Remember my pillow top tutorial as well.

Pam, of Hip to be a Square podcast, posted a video of her Timeless Treasures Plume quilt. Well done video, lovely quilt.

Jackie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio is starting a feature called Walking Foot Wednesdays to follow up on her post called Straight Line Quilting Hints and Tips. Want to get better at using your walking foot? This might be a great place to start.

Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman.

Quilt Market

Quilt Market was held last month. I did not attend, but will some time on a blogger press pass. I’ll put it on the list. Lots of great tweets and the blog posts are showing up as people return and get back to normal, download photos off their cameras and find their notes. Here are some:

I keep thinking of this blog as Diary of a Mad Quilter, but it is really just Diary of a Quilter. Really like the photos in her Market post.

Great photos: Pokey Bolton blog post.

Camille Roskelley’s thoughts. She also has a video and more photos of her booth. Lots of pretty pictures of fabric. Marmalade is her newest line. I’ll get some charm packs and see if I like it.

Little Bluebell slideshow definitely highlights Adrianne’s style.

Thanks to Oliver +S, here is a radio show about Quilt Market.

Little Red Hen’s post is up close and personal.

I love the Martingale shots of their crates. I can’t even imagine dealing with something that size filled with things I really needed.

Fabric, Tools, Spools & Machines

Amy of Amy’s Creative Side wrote a blog post for the Accuquilt newsletter and website. I never knew that Accuquilt had diamond dies. I am hoping to be done with diamond quilts, but if not, I have a perfectly good ruler. The thing I didn’t like about this post, which has nothing to do with Amy, but with Accuquilt is that they refer to the diamonds in the post as 4×4 diamonds. I don’t know what that means. I know what 60 degree diamonds are. I know what 45 degree diamonds are, but 4×4?

I like the look of this Paper Panache Design. I am not fond of the colors, but the design is great. Thanks to Gretchen for sharing!

People & Places

Sometime ago I reported the loss of Jean Ray Laury. I think of her fondly as starting me on the path to art quiltmaking. Recently, I read an article where a quote of hers from February 1985 was quoted. At that time Ms. Laury said

“Women in particular seem to have difficulty setting values on their quilts. That comes, I think, from the fact that so many of our major life works are not equated with income or price.”

I find this quote to be so profound, and also sad. What do you value in your quiltmaking?

I was irritated not to have my quilt chosen for the Modern Showcase Challenge, but I was very excited for Ruth, a fellow BAMQGer to have her quilt, Two Margaritas chosen. She must have shown this quilt at a meeting I didn’t attend, because it is new to me. I really like the curves and the way she used the color. Her blog post includes a list of all of the quilts chosen.


A few posts ago, I talked about making a pillow top. My SIL and Mrs. K both, helpfully, commented on how to fill out the corners. Mrs. K found a tutorial to describe what she was talking about. the tutorial talks about about a completely enclosed pillow, e.g. not an envelope style finish, but I am sure you clever people could adapt it if you wanted the envelope style of closure. You can find it at Dixie Mango.

Deanna Raybourn, whose books about Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane I enjoy immensely, wrote a blog post recently on two kinds of people in the world: diminishers and enhancers. This theory might be a bit simplistic, but her words are worth thinking about.

In case you didn’t notice, I am making some little changes to the blog. Hope you find them and like them.