Color Relationships

I sewed some of the Corner Store blocks together yesterday in the 87 seconds I had to sew between political events, laundry and general keeping the house together stuff.

I do find that after a quilt has been around for awhile I don’t even notice the colors that cause such drama for me when I am making it. Perhaps, because I gave myself fits, the quilt is so perfectly balanced that it doesn’t bother me.

Corner Store detail
Corner Store detail

In the Corner Store piece, there is a lot of blue and red, actually aqua and red. There is also quite a bit of pink. It is a challenge to place the pieces in such a way that all the blues are not globbed together.

I accidentally placed the blue dot and reddish-pink flower print near each other and those two fabrics sing together. I knew I had to sew them together and I did. I placed them together even though there is quite a bit of blue int he neighborhood. I am sure I won’t notice a year after after the quilt is done, but I know now and, at the moment, now counts.