Creative Prompt #160: Dilute

to thin

dilute laws

reducing the concentration of a chemical

an equation to calculate the rate a gas dilutes.

Trademark dilution, a type of unlawful trademark use outside of the relevant market

Stock dilution, the result of new shares of stock being issued by a company, thereby diminishing the percent ownership represented by previously existing shares

Dilution gene, a gene that lightens the coat color of certain living things

Expectational Dilution, the second album by the metalcore band Overcast

When I lived in Austria we would buy (or make) juice in a  very concentrated form and then dilute it with sparkling (or regular) water.

dilute rules or regulations

From Latin dilutus, from diluere (“to wash away, dissolve, cause to melt, dilute”), from di-, dis- (“away, apart”) + luere (“to wash”). See lave, and compare deluge. (Wiktionary)

Definition (straight off Google; no real link): di·lute/di?lo?ot/

Make (a liquid) thinner or weaker by adding water or another solvent to it.
(of a liquid) Made thinner or weaker by having had water or another solvent added to it.
verb.  attenuate – water down – thin – rarefy – weaken
adjective.  diluted

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