Sketching #157

CPP Response #157: Write
CPP Response #157: Write

Sometimes, I wish I could spread my papers around and kick off my shoes like I have drawn in this picture. often my desk looks slightly more orderly, though with no fewer papers than this.

Just spend 5 minutes working to develop your creative habit. It takes patience, but you can do it. You can start with the original prompt.

Then, please post the direct URL (link) where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted (e.g. your blog, Flickr) in the comments area of the original prompt post. Keeping all the artwork together provides a way for others to see the gamut of responses. It is also a great showcase for your work and  way for people to find a link your blog or website.

The Creative Prompt Project, also, has a Flickr group, to which you can join to post your responses. Are you already a member? I created that spot so those of you without blogs or websites would be able to participate as well. Please join and look at all of the great artwork that people have posted.

June Progress on Corner Store

June Progress
June Progress

It is hard for me to sew during the week, but I am making some progress.The iron issue is not resolved, so I have to figure that out (return current iron, which stinks to high heaven when on), but I am trimming and arranging blocks. My design wall is starting to be too small, but I will have to make it work.

I have 289 blocks to work with and I may make more. I don’t know what size I am aiming for, but my mind keeps saying “BIGGER!!!!”

I probably have enough triangles to make at least 50 more blocks, I don’t plan on making 50 more blocks, however you never know what the muse will scream at me.

Stay tuned.