Sketching #110 #2

CPP Response #110 #2: Beckon
CPP Response #110 #2: Beckon

I realized that I already drew a response for ‘Beckon,’but I must have had a reason for keeping it on the list. I do like this one better than the first. I didn’t include a lot of detail. I might go back and add more detail later, but perhaps not.

You can see the original prompt and create your own response.

Fabric of the Year 2012 – Late June

FOTY - Late June 2012
FOTY – Late June 2012

In addition to sewing I have been cutting.

All of the pinks in the Pink Donation Quilt have a square in the piece on the left. There are a few from some fabrics I bought in the last little while. I also have some patches from the Art Gallery scraps I received.

I have to admit that I arranged the scraps a bit so they look good in the photos I post for you. Look for these patches in the final piece.