Block-a-Long #59: Squares & Rectangles

Squares & Rectangles #59
Squares & Rectangles #59

Those long thin rectangles aren’t very popular in classic blocks (that I remember), but I like them and thought I would give them one last hurrah before the end of this project.

I mixed up the squares and smaller rectangles as well. Have fun.

Directions for Squares & Rectangles #59 are posted.

If you have made blocks or a quilt from these patterns, please post a link in the comments section of the relevant block or on the AQ Block-a-Long Flickr group. I would love to see what you have made.

Nota bene: The AQ Block-a-Long is ending. This is the second to last week. As I have said, I am starting to repeat myself and run out of ideas. Since this has not been a wildly popular Block of the Week, I don’t feel bad about ending it. Next week’s will be the last block. I haven’t decided what I will post on Monday after next week’s block. Perhaps antique blocks? Perhaps inspiration? Stay tuned!