Skirt Patterns
Skirt Patterns

I have to refresh my work wardrobe. I am at the point where the collars and cuffs of my clothes are fraying, etc, because they are so old. The problem is I dislike shopping for clothes. I have been doing a bit on my days off, but I need to spend more time than I have. I need to replace everything, so this is an opportunity to revamp my entire wardrobe, get a new look and feel better about the clothes I wear.

One of my ideas is to start wearing more skirts. I haven’t been able to find the kind I have in mind. I do have a Study Hall Skirt from Anna Maria Horner, but haven’t done anything with the pattern….yet. I was at Joann buying an Accuquilt Go! mat and decided to look at skirt patterns. I was inspired by reading a Threads magazine that was in my stack from a few years ago.

I found these two patterns. I know they are similar. I don’t know if this style will look good on me, but we will see.

I brought them home without buying any of the notions, because I want to read the pattern and consider before going back and getting zippers, etc. I have enough of some dot fabric (who is surprised? Raise your hand) to make a knee length skirt, so I may only need a zipper. I may make a test skirt out of muslin or something.

I’d really like to find a pattern I can be friends with and make over and over (kind of like the Multi-tasker tote by Anna Maria Horner). I don’t know if these will be it, but we will see.

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  1. I have been intrigued by maxi dresses. Here in the south, where it is always hot and humid, they work for shopping, gardening, and sitting in the AC room with a sewing machine. I have not found any that I like in stores. I am also tall and many in the stores are just not long enough.

    I have one that I love that was originally my mom’s! I keep thinking I’d love to make a pattern from it and use some of the major yardages of cotton I have, to make my own unique maxi sun dresses. I think it would be stunning IF I can do it right. I have some fabric that I like just for the pattern, not because it would look best in a quilt. In fact, I have several yardages like that. I’d love to be ‘that eccentric old lady’ and wear some cool clothes like what I envision in my mind’s eye.

    I would suggest going shopping and trying on skirts you think you might like. then have someone take a photo of you in it. When you get home you can look at yourself in the photo. It will help with your judgement of styles. OR, if you are more ambitious than I am, you could do as you suggested and make a muslin mockup first. 🙂

    Isn’t it funny that making clothing seems to foreign to us and making quilts seems foreign to many seamstresses. I think it was on Frances’ podcast (the Off-Kilter Quilt) about the word ‘sewist’ that she did not like. I don’t either. I think seamstress or tailor sound better for clothing makers. Quilter, fiber artist, and art quilter for those forms of fabric use.

    Anyway, I hope you do try to make some skirts for work. You seem like you should be a skirt person! Ya…a skirt person, or in other words, a classy dame. 🙂

    1. But why maxi dresses? It seems to me that the heat would be trapped around your legs? Is the length billowy enough to move the air around? I want to see what you make!

      I’ll take sewist over sewer any day!

      1. Maxi dresses made from cotton that is styled all flowy are very cool and comfy. I like them better than shorts. Also I wear dresses, skirts, and the like, long…never knee length. If I make one for next summer I will share. I did make one out of a linen blend but it was too heavy. I should have gone with a lighter weight linen. It is warmish. The one I have that I want to make a pattern from is cotton and is super cool and comfy!

  2. I like sewing clothes as much as I like making quilts! Have you made many clothing items? Let’s talk after the meeting on Saturday, if you have time. I’ll bring a pattern magazine that might interest you.

    1. I have made clothes, but not a lot. The first thing I made was a corset with boning and everything! If you don’t know you aren’t supposed to be able to do something, you do it! I’d love to see the book/magazine.

  3. My favorite skirt pattern is one that I drafted myself, instructions were super easy, and you get exactly the length you want. I’ll be happy to share them with you if you’re interested.

  4. I have made a number of skirts but I don’t use zippers anymore because I am not skilled enough to make them look right. so I just use buttons or hooks and have an overlap at the pocket. One of the reasons I make skirts is because I prefer all my skirts to have pockets.

    1. Pockets are definitely good. I’ll have to talk to your brother about vacationing at your house next year, so I can see how you make skirts and make a shirt like the Shell Shirt for P. I am going to check out the Sew What! Skirts book. Someone recommended it.

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