Sampler Quilt Update

Dutchman's Puzzle
Dutchman’s Puzzle

As you may have heard on The Off Kilter Quilt podcast, Frances and I are working on a Sampler together. Frances posted her version of the Dutchman’s Puzzle and it looks great. She is doing a wonderful job!

We have been on a bit of an unintentional hiatus, because I was out of town for 10 days, she had some things to take care of and went to the beach, the Young Man graduated and, generally, life got in the way of quiltmaking. I needed to get in gear for as much sewing as humanly possible this weekend, so I started in on the Dutchman’s Puzzle on Thursday night.

Doing one block doesn’t take very long. I thought I would just getting the cutting done, but I was able to piece the whole block together. I had enough time even after I sewed the four major sections together wrong and had to rip them out! Being more of a morning person, I don’t sew well at night (make lots of mistakes) and usually just hand sew bindings or something. I am glad I didn’t do worse damage!

Sampler Blocks, early July 2011
Sampler Blocks, early July 2011

Now I have a nice round 6 blocks. This reminds of the goals of the first ever quilt class I took. The goal was to make a 6 block sampler. The blocks are different, but this group of blocks provides me with some fond memories.

I also was able to look at the piece from a color and fabric stand point. I am not liking the Card Trick. I need to decide if I will make a new one or include the light background fabric in a couple of other blocks.

I can also see that I need to include the Big Plain Jane fabric, and a few other fabrics, in at least one more block. I am pondering whether or not there is a block scheduled that will showcase it.

All in all, I really like the way this is coming out.

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  1. Love the blocks except for card trick… that may be because I am looking on a computer but there does not seem to be very much contrast between the background and the fabrics you have chosen. I zoomed in on the block just to be sure as seeing on the computer is never as good as seeing in real life …. but the fabrics seem to be mediums in the same range so they do not show the contrast. I like the fabrics themselves but as I have said not enough contrast…. but then I am an old fashion quilter. I figure if I put all the work into a quilt….. WHO EVER LOOKS AT CAN ADMIRE EVERY DANG STITCH AND FABRIC IN IT!…..EVEN THE BAD ONES.

    Been following your blog and Frances’ podcast…. looking forward to more. I kind wish I could make them with you guys but I keep getting swamped by charity quilting instead.

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