Steppping Stones Returns

Stepping Stones Top Quilted
Stepping Stones Top Quilted

I didn’t just take a bunch of quilts to be quilted on Monday a week ago I also got the Stepping Stones quilt back from my quilter. I am sort of diligently working on the binding.

This quilt was so big. The boys insisted that I had to take the photo from the top of the stairs. I don’t know, but I didn’t want to fight with them about a photo. I’ll have to figure out another way to take the photo full on with no banister in the way.

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “Steppping Stones Returns”

  1. So vibrant! I am glad I have the back porch to have my guys hang big ol’ quilts over the railing for photos. btw, I read every post but life has been busy again and I find it hard to comment with any type of cohesiveness!

  2. This will go to one of the nephews, but I have to finish the binding first. I think I will have them take the quilt out to the front yard for the final picture. We’ll see. I am often trying to photograph at night, which isn’t optimal for outside photos. Glad you are still reading!

  3. Thanks! The pattern is from one of the Lintott books. I don’t remember which one. I know it is not the Sampler one they wrote. I wrote it in one of the blog posts when I was making the quilt.

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