Swoon #15 & 16

Swoon #15
Swoon #15

I sewed the last two blocks. They look great, I think. I did have some challenges picking the fabrics for the last two blocks.

I had picked out a certain crop of fabrics for these blocks. I didn’t want to add in any new ones that I didn’t have to add, because they wouldn’t be in the rest of the quilt.

If you zoom in you might see that I pieced some of the fabrics to make sure I had enough. That odd piecing doesn’t really show even in person, so I am happy.

Swoon #16
Swoon #16

Block #16 was a bit of a challenge, because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use more of the blue Sophia fabric that kind of started me on this journey.I finally decided that I liked it enough to use it. I also decided that it wouldn’t scream out of the quilt that I had used too much of it.  The blues are relatively strong in this piece, but I don’t think they overwhelm it. I think the blues keep it from being too sickly sweet with pink.

Now I am done with these blocks. I have decided that 16 is enough.

The last post was about the other Swoon block I made recently.

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