FOTY 2012 Back

FOTY 2012
FOTY 2012

I have finally finished the back of FOTY 2012.

I decided to show the front again, one more time, as I don’t know how long it will be before I have it back from the quilter finished.

I have used another Philip Jacobs prints for the back. It turns out I had two pieces that worked well for opposite corners. I was surprised, though, to find the yardage in two pieces as I usually don’t cut up large pieces until I need it. Still, I may have bought it on sale and was only able to get to large pieces rather than one. Alternatively, I could have bought a piece and then decided to buy more. I don’t remember.

I was pleased to take the parts for the back off the design wall. I like the front of this quilt so much and it was great to see it one more time.

FOTY 2012: back
FOTY 2012: back

My only concern with the front is the border. I didn’t put one on and I am pretty sure it doesn’t need one, but still, I wonder.

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  1. Jaye, it definitely doesn’t need borders. They would detract so much from the quilt as it is now. It is amazing just as it is.

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