Black Friday Sew-in #5

Update: Comments are closed and the winners for all of the BFSI giveaways have been chosen.

The question for this giveaway is:

Do you watch or listen while you sew? If so, what do you like to watch? To what do you like to listen?

For those of you who listen to the silence, tell me what you ‘hear’ in that silence.

The prizes for this giveaway are:

Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop
Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop

More Chances to Win:

Mean Mom Stuff:

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  2. Comments on questions close tomorrow 11/30/2013 at 6pm PDT. I may not actually get to choose the winner until December 1, but no whining if you can’t leave a comment at 6:01pm on 11/30.
  3. The books will be sent from Lark. I will send them the names and addresses and they will send you the book.
  4. Everything else is coming from me and will be shipped the week of December 2.
  5. International entries are welcome!
  6. I will select winners using the Random number generator.
  7. Make sure your email address works. If I can’t contact you, I can’t send you your prize
  8. No whining, acting out, frowning or complaining. Whiners and complainers will be disqualified.
  9. I may compile the responses and write a blog post, crediting you appropriately, of course.

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44 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in #5”

  1. I listen to podcasts or catch up on my Hulu shows- that includes Arrow, CSI, Law & Order SVU, and a lot of others! I rarely watch movies, but that’s usually because I forget what I have rented from Netflix. 😉

  2. I’m strickly a “listener” when I sew. Sometimes I feel like music but usually I listen to my local NPR station or a podcast.
    The husband just bought me a new Play:1 Sonos Speaker for my new kitchen and I can program anything from my iPhone to play over the speaker. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to use it in my new kitchen. 🙂
    Promise you’ll see a visual first time I sew!

  3. If I am sewing by myself I usually listen to the TV. I don’t have any other audio source in my sewing room. TV is especially good for hand sewing binding marathons. I got through most of Downton Abbey first season that way.

  4. I listen to podcasts, radio talk shows, qnntv, quiltcam and Christian programming on I’d rather have something to listen to as opposed to silence usually.

  5. If it’s something complicated or that I’ve never done before, I’m likely to work without listening to anything. But other than that, I love listening to podcasts or music while sewing on the machine. I tend to work on embroidery/hand sewing projects/knitting/spinning in front of the TV — I can’t stand to just watch TV without something to do with my hands.

  6. I listen to audio books and quilting podcasts. When Christmas season arrives I also listen to Christmas music and watch Hallmark Christmas movies and other holiday shows on TV.

  7. I sew in the sunroom, which is off the living room. If my husband is home, I listen to whatever he’s watching on tv. If he’s not home, or not watching tv, I usually listen to Pandora. I usually listen to podcasts when I walk, but sometimes I’ll listen to one while I sew.

  8. I thought I should post on at least ONE of your posts today. What a trooper you’ve been all day!!! hugs
    I listen to podcasts, watch Netflix (which means I am more-so listening and glancing at the screen), or listen/glance TV. I rarely have music on, mostly because it is a pain to only have one CD in the computer at a time. (I have a CD player that will play at least three CD’s, on my wish list to Santa)

    I am usually listening to the healthy lifestyle and weight control podcasts so I am ready for teaching my classes. I usually watch shows I’ve recorded that hubby doesn’t care for or on Netflix I get stuck watching different TV series. Most are BBC shows that we don’t get on our cable.

    I am done for the night. I did get some sewing done and feel great about the whole day. I even went for a walk! What a wonderful day, AT HOME!!! 🙂

    1. You are quite omnivorous in your listening/watching! Great idea to get ideas for the classes you teach from podcasts. Hope you pass along the podcast love to your students.

  9. I listen to Pandora when I sew. I like to rock out. I have a speaker thing that I can plug my iPhone into while I sew. I alternate between classic rock and modern alternative rock. I like to take little dance breaks with my kids when certain songs come on.

  10. Ack! I answered this question to Number 4!

    When Im alone at home, I listen to podcasts, quilt and food related mostly, listen to audible books or watch netflix on my Kindle.

    I know lots of people like to listen to music especially when FMQ, I always forget to try it.

  11. I tend to sew alone, especially I’m the hour I sew before I go to work. On weekends, my DH is often puttering around nearby, working on his train layout.

    I don’t feel alone, since I’m playing podcasts. I can watch TV if I’m organizing scraps or pinning long seams, otherwise I can’t handle the visual stimulation.

    1. I read an article about successful people doing stuff before work – reading the newspaper, going to the gym, etc. I want to be one of the those people, but I don’t want to get up even earlier than I already do. I can’t have everything, I guess.

  12. I prefer quiet when I sew. If my husband’s home then I get to listen to whatever he’s watching on television. Thanks.

  13. It varies for me. The majority of the time, I like to sew in silence. Not hearing 3 loud kids shouting and whining is bliss. The mechanical hum of the sewing machine is melodic in comparison. But, there are other times when I want the sound of someone else’s voice. I either listen to various podcasts (Pam, Sandy, Sandi, Katie, Allison, Francis, Daisy and Tanesha of course) or I listen to a Craftsy class.

    1. I agree with you on Overdrive. A library assistant at our public library spent an hour with me while we worked through the problems. It turned out that I needed a couple of security updates and to clear out cache and cookies and temp files.

  14. I listen to audio books or music or TV while I sew. I have “read” books I would not have had the time to read otherwise and can sing along to music without anyone but myself to enjoy it.

  15. Do you watch or listen while you sew? I often get busy and forget to turn anything on. I think to myself “I should put something on to listen to” and then I get distracted with my project instead.

    If so, what do you like to watch? Anything that doesn’t require my attention.
    I will occasionally put on a sewing or quilting show to try to watch while sewing and before I know it, I am sitting and watching what they are teaching/sewing instead of sewing myself. So these are not a good choice for me.

    To what do you like to listen? I like to put Pandora on when I want to listen to music.

    1. A lot of people mentioned Pandora. I’ll have to try that sometime. I am usually too busy listening to books to listen music. I have a playlist I like on iTunes, so I will listen that, especially when I am agitated or upset and that is comforting. Of course, I don’t get to hear any new songs.

  16. Unusually I have an old movie on tv, or play a recorded show, or quilt show that I can just listen to, which excludes The Walking Dead btw. I don’t want to be looking up all the time. I grew up listening to radio dramas, so I have “pictures in my head.” When I really need to concentrate, I go for silence. This has been harder to do since August, since DH has retired and is noisy, bless him.

    1. I have tried watching shows on TV, or Internet quilting shows and I find I just need/want to stare at the screen. I admire those of you who can listen and not bob you head up and down every 5 seconds.

  17. I generally sew in silence. My mind is constantly running, so I do a lot of processing and praying. I’ve tried listening to podcasts, but my mind startsin and I miss the content.

  18. I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. If I get to a difficult part, I have to turn off the words in my ears. If it’s been a very demanding day at work, I like to sew in silence and just recharge.

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