Black Friday Sew-in #4

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The question for this giveaway is:

With whom do you like to sew? Your guild? Your bee? Your small group? What do you like about sewing with that person or those people?

If you like sewing alone, tell me why.

If you like both, I’d love to hear when you sew alone and when you want to sew with people.

Your prize for this giveaway is:

Art Quilt Portfolio: People & Portraits
Art Quilt Portfolio: People & Portraits

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  3. The books will be sent from Lark. I will send them the names and addresses and they will send you the book.
  4. Everything else is coming from me and will be shipped the week of December 2.
  5. International entries are welcome!
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  7. Make sure your email address works. If I can’t contact you, I can’t send you your prize
  8. No whining, acting out, frowning or complaining. Whiners and complainers will be disqualified.
  9. I may compile the information from this post and write a blog post later, crediting you appropriately, of course.

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38 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in #4”

  1. I enjoy sewing with my small group when I have a repetitive or otherwise tedious bit of sewing to do. Otherwise, I enjoy sewing alone at home, in my well-lit studio space with everything I need at hand and the quiet I need to be creative.

  2. I enjoy sewing with a small group. There isn’t space for more and it is always good to have a second (or third) opinion and be able to draw on the expertise of others.

    1. We have fun together when we sew. I always learn something. I am bring skirt fabric and a pattern and a shirt pattern (for Paul) and fabric next time I come to visit. 😉

  3. I’ve only ever one maching sewing alone. I’m not sure if I’m good enough at it yet to to it with other people around, while trying to talk and whatnot — I make enough distraction-related mistakes by myself.

    I tend to take a hand sewing or embroidery project to my knitting group these days. I’ve been doing less knitting since I started doing all this sewing, but I still want to hang out with them, so I just bring whatever I’m working on at the time.

  4. I’ve always sewn alone. I live in the woods and there has been very little opportunity to sew with other people. That’s why I love twitter. It’s kind of like sewing with other people. I get to see what other people are doing and share what I’m doing, though lately, since I’ve just moved into a new house I haven’t been able to. In my new house, I have an awesome sewing room, or I will as soon as it is done. Almost there 🙂 I’ve enjoyed lurking today. It’s great to see what everyone is working on.

    1. I get a lot of inspiration from what others are working on. I never ceased to be amazed at the variety of colors that people use. I wonder if the light where they live affects their choice of quilt fabric colors?

  5. When I sew on my own I accomplish things. In a group there’s pressure to keep going at an “acceptable” pace and I talk too much! They are both good in their own way, but at heart I’m a bit of a loner.

  6. I like to sew alone so I can concentrate on the cutting and putting the blocks together. I don’t take criticism well. I have an idea in my head and that is what I want it to look like.

    1. I don’t find that people criticize what I am working on when I go to Sew Day. I agree that there are times when I need to concentrate and even the buzz of voices int he background prevents me from doing so.

  7. I mostly sew alone. I have a stitch and bitch with a friend when our schedules match, and we usually knit together, but sometimes I’ll sew. There is a local guild, and I’ve thought about joining, but I’m not sure I’m ready yet.

  8. I have few opportunities to sew with others, but when I do I jump on them! In the past, I would sometimes send DH and kids to a hotel and fill my house with quilters for dyeing, stitches, eating and laughter. A few times, I took a road trip to Shipshewanna withe a friend and we’d stay over 1-2 nights sewing in our motel room.

    When Im alone at home, I listen to podcasts, quilt and food related mostly, listen to audible books or watch netflix on my Kindle.

    I know lots of people like to listen to music especially when FMQ, I always forget to try it.

    1. We once stayed with a friend while her DH and kids stayed at a hotel. It was awesome! There is a great hotel not too far from me with a separate room. I usually go there on retreat with one of my guilds and it is wonderful.

  9. I am a pretty shy and introverted person. I usually quilt whenever I can squeeze something in and not feel guilty about ditching the fam, My husband usually watches our two young children while I work full time and I feel terrible asking him to watch them more while I go quilt or go to a quilt class. That coupled with it being hard to meet and hang out with new people kind of makes me a lone wolf when it comes to quilting…

    1. I find that the shy people in our guild who come to events open up a bit more after they have stayed and sewed for awhile. Perhaps you’ll try it someday?

  10. I love sewing in smallish groups. Well, I love visiting in smallish groups. I visit a lot and sew a little. Sewing by myself is much more productive, but not nearly as fun. Really it’s two different experiences with two different outcomes. Both are necessary in my quilty world!

  11. I like to sew alone, but that seems to be my only choice at the moment. I can’t seem to get away from my 3 little girls long enough to do a guild sponsored sew in, or retreat with friends. So, my only sewing time is when they are all at school or preschool.

    1. I agree that I get a lot more done, because I am not packing up stuff to take somewhere all the time. I do enjoy seeing what other quiltmakers are working on.

  12. In this order I like to sew with sis or DD best. I’d better put sewing by myself at the top of the list, since that’s my usual m.o. Then comes small group such as Thursday Stashers (6,) then a large group such as a workshop. Larger yet would be guild community service day and January quilt retreat, 65 strong. Yikes. All of this is good. So where do sew ins fit in this? Right up at the top, right after DD or sis.

  13. When I sew alone, I can concentrate more on design and accurate cutting, and reading, studying quilt books. And I quilt alone most of the time. Sewing, etc with sis or DD can help me with different perspectives on anything from design to color. Each of them is very different in this. Sewing in other groups can inspire me to get in those stitches, stop dreaming and get down to it!

    1. I think seeing what others are doing can move along my inspiration process as well. I spend most of my time sewing alone, but really appreciate the time I get to sew with others.

  14. I usually sew alone. I am more productive and less distracted when I can focus only on my project.

    I have a friend that had a huge sewing room added on to her home. There is a regular group of us that get together for a sewing day there one Friday a month. Some days we actually sew (mostly machine embroidery), and some days we just have fun visiting and having show and tell. We always learn something from each other.

  15. I love sewing by myself the best. I teach once a week and one everyone arrives, we have a good time. Once a month I have group of ladies that come and piece donation quilts. We always have a good time.

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