Black Friday Sew-in Giveaway #1

The question for this giveaway is:

Tell me about your top 5 UFOs. What do they look like, what is stopping you from finishing? Do you still like the colors?

If you don’t have 5 UFOs, tell me about the UFOs you have or your current project.

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Pretty Little Patchwork
Pretty Little Patchwork

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  3. The books will be sent from Lark. I will send them the names and addresses and they will send you the book.
  4. Everything else is coming from me and will be shipped the week of December 2.
  5. International entries are welcome!
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22 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in Giveaway #1”

  1. Hmm top five, I do like the colors all the colors since none are very old (more than two or three years). The list include 2013 ornaments, which are scrappy cubes and time will tell how many I complete. Gold and green doll quilt put aside for Xmas sewing. Blue and yellow windmill quillow pillow put aside for Xmas sewing. blue and yellow quillow, which may be finished if I draw someone suitable and the blue/green and white infinity block set in a field and furrow pattern which I was stuck on but have figured out how to progress but it put aside for Xmas sewing.

  2. 1. Grandmother’s Flower Garden – no hurry, I’ve been working on it off and on for at least 16 years. Someday it will be done.

    2. Giant one block appliqué that was begun in a class. No hurry. I might finish it someday.

    3. KC Star appliqué flower quilt – no hurry. I love it. Someday it will be done.

    4. Pile of blocks I won in a guild raffle. May never be finished. Everyone agrees that they are the ugliest blocks ever. I keep thinking I will find sashing fabric that will make them all play nicely.

    5. Block of the month pieced cat blocks. No hurry. Someday I will make the rest of the blocks. When I am in the mood.

    All except #5 are at least 15 years old. #5 is only about 10 or 12 years old. I still believe in all of them.

  3. I have 2 REAL UFOs – they have been on my shelf for years. I think I don’t finish them because new (shiny) stuff catches my eye and I’m off on another project, maybe ones with deadlines like now. I also have WIPs – those are the ones I must finish because they are for someone else.

  4. Your question woke me up and made me think this morning Thank you.
    All of my top five are finished tops that need to be quilted:
    1. Christmas Flannel quilt–I recently put this quick idea together when I was snowbound and now I was to finish it ASAP. I’ll work on it today.
    2. Holiday Baskets table topper-more of the same, a recently completed idea that I’d like to quilt and use now. I hope to get to it this weekend.
    3. Red and White Sampler-made from this year’s Block Lotto patterns. I’d like to finish it this year.
    4. Ring around the Lone Star
    5. A Whole Lotta Love
    The last two were completed as part of the Year of Lovely Finishes. Now, they are ready to be quilted. I love them both and just need to find the time.

  5. My UFO-s:

    #1 King size Easy Street, Quilt top is done, I have to measure the backing fabric I have if it will be large enough, then will have to find room to baste.

    #2 Twin size Pink and brown monkey quilt, which I started 4 years ago for a then 10 year old. She picked out the fabrics, but I’m not sure if she’s still like the quilt since her favorite color is blue. On top of that She recently made a comment that quilts are Granny-ish. I don’t want to waste my energy on a quilt which she would not even appreciate. I’m thinking about giving it to my friend’s daughter after it’s finished.

    #3 I have some handmade ribbon roses which I wanted to put in a 3-D quilt, but never got to it. I’d need to buy bias bars for the stems to make them.

    #4 Christmas QAYG quilt in which the quilting is almost done, just have to assemble. I keep watching videos how to do it.

    #5 Queen size hand-pieced Grandmother’s flower garden. It’s not EPP because I used my own hand-made plastics. I need to check the top closely to make sure there are no marker marks left on it from the sharpie I used to mark the templates. I had to change several pieces because of that. It needs basting, I needed a few years to figure out if I wanted to cut the edge straight, or finish it with a different method. Now I found a way to make it, so it might be in the near future, I just never know!

    #6 Chain of Stars mystery quilt top, 48×48, I might put borders on that one, haven’t decided, just finished it a few days ago.

    Thank you for the giveaway Jaye, hope I gave you some reading to do! :))))

  6. Thank you for the giveaway. Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

    I have more UFO and PIG’s than I could ever finish in 20 years it feels like. I do have more PIGs than UFO – not sure if that is a good thing or not LOL

    UFO 1. Son’s Machine Quilt – I started it almost 3 years ago. I was able to finish the top during a retreat. Then I sandwiched it for domestic sewing machine quilting. The life happened and am working towards buying a longarm. So this quilt has been sitting for 2.5 years ready to be quilted. I finally quilted it via longarm rental at the beginning of October. The binding is cut and ready to be put on and its sitting. I think I’ve been procrastinating because I have to change my machine settings, bobbin case, and feet to add the binding. And I really dislike changing my machine around. Don’t know why?

    UFO 2. I participated in a mystery quilt at my LQS 4 years ago. Again the top is finished, and its sandwiched to be quilted by domestic. I’ve been waiting for my longarm with this quilt as it is not very pretty and would be a great practice quilt for custom quilting. Its a sampler quilt set on point.

    UFO 3. Grinch quilt. The top is finished and have backing. I have a date scheduled at the longarm rental place in Dec to finish this one. My little guy loves this movie, so want to finish it and watch the movie togehter snuggled under the quilt. I’ve been holding off quilting this quilt as I finished the top in the spring and Christmas seemed so far away. Not so anymore 🙂

    UFO 4. Mystery Quilt from Guild. My top is not finished yet. Too much on plate to work on this quilt. It seems like I only finish things that have a deadline or person in mind. Not sure when I will work on this mystery.

    UFO 5. Another Mystery quilt. I take this quilt with me in the holiday trailer. I take my featherweight along. As my kids are still quite young I don’t get a long time to sew on our camping trips but its nice to have with me if I get the urge to quilt away from home.

    I have SO many more.

    Thanks again
    Vicky K

  7. Hmm… Top 5 UFOs:
    1. Dresden Garden. Waiting until I finish some Christmas-y type stuff first.
    2. Jingle. Procrastinating because I dread pebbling.
    3. Scrapitude. Waiting on more clues!
    4. Royal Gardens. Waiting on last block!
    5. Saturday Soiree. Waiting on rest of blocks!

    So… I am either procrastinating or waiting on next steps.

  8. 1. Vicky’s Peacock–top is finished, just need to quilt it. Still awaiting inspiration on quilt design.

    2. 2008 Guild BOM–blocks done, need to put together into a top. Will likely send out for quilting. I just keep getting distracted…

    3. Tapestry–just need a stick to hang it. Really, it’s silly that it’s still sitting on my self. And now said sticks are frozen into the ground.

    4. Jelly Roll Sampler–about half the blocks are done. This has been my “take on retreat” project for years, but I really just need to get ‘er done. I should put myself on a schedule for doing a block a month or something.

    5. Hexies. Shhh. Don’t tell Pam or Jaye. Oops, I mean…

  9. Hello Jaye, one of the good things about #BFSI is the opportunity to find new places to visit!

    Mmmm. Top 5 UFOs.

    1. A snowball quilt started c.1994. It’s pale blue, brown and pink and half quilted. I now detest it and it has been suggested to cut it up and make it into pet beds for an animal shelter!

    2. A Christmas quilt started last year at a workshop with Dawn Cameron-Dick. Lovely, but I don’t spend a lot of time working on Christmas projects.

    3. A simple quilt for OH’s grandson that really needs to be done by Christmas! He needs a snuggle quilt. It’s mustard, burgundy and has some lovely feature squares with ships and lighthouses.

    4. A socking great star quilt started last week, black, white and pink. It’s for our bedroom and so far it’s lovely.

    5. A EPP hexagon quilt in blue and white that will be a WIP for years. It’s my carry on project.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day.

  10. My top in the works UFO’s
    1. Yellow Brick Road – to be quilted in process
    2. Veteran Lap quilt- to be quilted
    3. Whole cloth challenge – to be quilted in process
    4. Red/Black/White – Waiting to be quilted (common theme here I see)
    5. Scrapitude
    and many more……

    1. I always liked the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I think it is simple, but interesting. I had a lot last year, too. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a lot of UFOs. My problem is that if I flit from project to project, I stop liking the original projects, so I need to focus on finishing a project when it gets to that stage otherwise I may not longer like it. I think I really need to work on quilting more of my own quilts even if I do it slowly.

  11. My top 5 UFOs:
    #1. my beginner’s quilt…a 9 patch. Still practicing my quilting. Not crazy about pattern or the background fabric.
    #2. Swoon quilt. Love my fabrics and the first block. But others are ahead in my queue.
    #3. Buggy Barn Cat quilt for my friend. Hopefully finishing before Christmas. It will be my first completed quilt. Procrastinated because it was a little loosey goosey in technique for a beginner.
    #4. 2013-2014 Strings BOM from Material Obsession.
    #5. A Japanese Neutrals Quilt. Looking for another “just right” fabric.
    It does not bother me to have multiple projects going at once. Plus I just finished my intro classes to my new Bernina 820. Now I have plenty of room to quilt all of my quilts! Quilt making is awesome!

  12. Only the top five? OK!
    1. a pastel and muslin fairy tale quilt, twin sized. needs layering and quilting, I don’t have anyone to give it to so it tends to slip down the priority list.
    2 and 3. two twins sized brown and madras fairy tail quilts, same as above, though these I have layered up twice and stole the batting for other projects.
    4. Declan’s quilt, a quilt based on a drawing by my nephew. I need to create the shield for the Sparten, then I can layer.
    5. Blackhawks Rally Towel quilt, for a friend due rather soon, in fact, this is today’s project!

    I have not forgotten my NY Beauty, it lives on my design wall and is making me happy, I will finish it in the next while, I think!

  13. 1) English paper pieced hexagon flower quilt: This will probably take a couple years to finish, realistically. I’m not working on it at the moment because I still have some healing left to do in my wrist (broke it at the end of summer) and it’s painful to pinch the hexagons together for long because of that. I’m still really excited about doing it & have been trying it out once a week or so to see if I’m up to working on it yet.
    2) Skill builder sampler quilt: I didn’t work on this for a while because I was scared to death of the second-to-last block, but I got back to it today. I’m halfway through the scary feathered star block and it’s nowhere near as bad as I’d built it up to be in my head. I can’t wait to get finished now! This will be my first bed-sized quilt, previously only done wall-hanging size.
    3) Husband’s man purse: this was another broken wrist UFO casualty. It needs a small but serious amount of hand sewing through a ton of layers (too thick to get under the presser foot) and I probably have a little while more hand rehab to do to get back the grip strength to hold it in place while I sew it.
    4) Mug rugs – these are a current project, working on the binding during TV time. Just need to have them done by Christmas.
    5) Not sewing, but my moebius cowl that I wanted finished by the time it got cold is languishing in my knitting bag. I can only knit about 5-10 minutes at a time right now before my hand cramps up, but I’m managing to put a row or two a week on it — it’s really good exercise for getting my hand strength back as long as I don’t overdo it.

    1. I do think we talked about some of your projects on Twitter. You are not the only one with a hexie project. I have a half hexie project and the full on large hexie project that is languishing sadly on my design wall.

      I can’t knit very much either – usually about half an hour every other night. It is too hard on my neck and wrists, but even that much, if I do it, the project gets done.

      Is your Skillbuilder sampler quilt from Piecemeal quilts (

      Perhaps a tailor can finish the man-purse for you? Might be worth it to get it done.

  14. With the help of a local fabric store’s year-long challenge I have been able complete a number of my UFOs. Currently my top five UFO quilts that still need attention are:

    1. Paper-pieced Log Cabin – Out of 100 blocks I still have 70 blocks to complete. The blocks need to have fabric strips 9 – 12 added.
    2. Craftsy 2012 BOM – Need to layer and quilt it.
    3. Strip Twist II – Need to piece the back before layering and quilting.
    4. String Block – Need to buy the sashing, binding and backing fabric.
    5. Day Dream Quilt – Need to get binding and backing fabric.

  15. Top 5, Huh? OK….

    1) Head hung in shame on this one….I have 3 unfinished blocks to design for a bee that ended this summer.
    2) The quilt I was working on earlier today during #BFSI – it is now 1/3 quilted! and I hope to continue more tomorrow.
    3) A pink sampler quilt that I created for the Beginner Quilt Along last year. I have it basted and SID’d, but it needs additional quilting. Honestly, I am sick of looking at the thing and can barely bring myself to think of it. It is destined to be donated to my guild…..if I ever finish it.
    4) Blue and Brown “Land of Lincoln” quilt. It has been in the flimsy stage for over a year, needs borders, then finishing. I actually like this quilt, and it will be perfect for our room at the cabin. I’ve just been busy with other stuff.
    5) Swoon quilt – all the pink and grey blocks are made. I just need to sash, border, etc.

    What is keeping me from finishing them – quilters ADHD.

  16. A while back, I made a spread sheet listing my UFOs. There are 29 on the list, but several will never get finished and I should just part ways with them. The ones that I still have intentions of finishing are:
    1. Anita Goodesign Snowmen wall quilt. I just need to get it out and refocus.
    2, 3 & 4 Are mini wall quilts that I made embroideries for. I had no idea how I wanted to arrange them, but I recently took an EQ7 online class and now feel prepared to do so, just need the time.
    5. A sewing machine cover. Again, I embroidered a few blocks but that is as far as I got before being distracted by something else.

    I do hope to finish the UFO’s listed, but probably not until March or April since December, January and February are all busy times for me.

    1. Well, don’t stress yourself out. I think you will get the projects done you want to get done and the others you can gift to a group who will make them up for a good cause. You can, then, move on to other more, interesting projects. I am sure you learned something from each of the projects you started.

  17. Well, ahem, I waited till last to answer this, and I’m going to wuss out. Too tired I guess. Thank you for all the giveaway opportunities #BFSI, Jaye! I’ve enjoyed it.

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