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Jane Market Tote
Jane Market Tote

I went back and forth about whether or not I should post this on my blog before the BAMQG party, but I have so little to post these that I decided to go for it. I don’t know all of you as well as I would like, but I don’t think the recipient is a reader. Perhaps she will be after receiving the gift.

I agreed to make a Secret Santa gift for the BAMQG Holiday Exchange. It was hanging over my head, so I decided that Saturday would be the day to start. I actually cut out all of the pieces on Friday night and put most of the interfacing on as well, so the sewing went pretty easily.

I decided to make another Jane Market Tote for the gift. It is a good pattern – useful and nicely shaped. I am also familiar with it since I made over a dozen of them since I bought the pattern. The other bonus was that a shopping bag was on the giftee’s list.


As I said, I cut out the pieces on Friday night. I also decided to try adding some ShapeFlex stabilizer to see if that would give it some body.

As an aside: Have I said how much I like ShapeFlex? I love it. It is so easy to work with. It is not thick. Now, I am almost out again and am now thinking of buying a bolt. Crazy?

Anyway, I was able to put ShapeFlex over all the pieces except one, so I was really ready to sew on Saturday morning. So, Saturday morning, which was really about 11am since I slept so much, I sewed. The bag went together really well. I tried very hard to make it look nice. I used a star pattern on my machine to finish the top of the bag. I also put the handles inside rather than outside after the bag is finished, as the pattern suggests.

It is a nice bag, but I also decided to make a little needlecase and put that in the bag as well. I know it is not necessary, but I have some leftover scraps from the bag. I also found a pattern in Modern Patchwork for a needlecase that doesn’t look too difficult. Stay tuned for that.


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6 thoughts on “Secret Santa”

    1. I found out about ShapeFlex from Sara at SewSweetness. She uses it a lot for bag making. I am finding that it provides the right amount of body for a number of projects.

  1. I really like the fabric you chose. Were you pleased with the addition of ShapeFlex? Can’t tell from the photo, but I am guessing the bag stands up more than if you hadn’t used it. Your recipient is sure to be pleased.

    1. I should have mentioned that! Thanks for the reminder. The addition of the ShapeFlex really gives this bag a lot more body. It doesn’t stand up completely, but it has a nice combination of fold-ability and body. I will definitely add ShapeFlex again. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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