Thinking about #BFSI

I am terribly behind on podcasts and I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch up. This means I haven’t heard whether any of the podcasters are organizing a Black Friday Sew-in.

BFSI Giveaway?
BFSI Giveaway?

I will not be shopping on the 29th, so I will be tweeting while I am, hopefully, sewing.

I have a couple of gifts I will be giving away and I will be working with Lark Books to see about giving away some books as well.

As with my other giveaways, my request will be substantive. In a way, I guess this is fair notice about the potential quilt games I may be playing with you. One thing I will probably do is ask you something about your UFOs. That means that you may want to count up your UFOs, think about the status of them, how you might be stuck, etc.

FQ Pack
FQ Pack

This is not completely selfish of me. Yes, I am interested in what your are doing, but I also think that your comments could start a discussion that could result in renewed interest in your project.

I hope.

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6 thoughts on “Thinking about #BFSI”

  1. The way things go, I will miss commenting when you actually DO your give-a-way postings! SO, just because I have a little time, and I have nothing better to do right this second, here is my UFO list:

    * U is for Unicorn – Top is complete and ready for backing
    * Jingle Belle – working on center medallion appliqué
    * My Tweets – working on borders; two of four, done – third border is half done
    * Love Entwined – Center medallion done-not sure if I will continue this project
    * Thanksgiving Table Runner hand quilting
    * Leaf on a Log – blocks are ready to assemble into quilt top
    * Hexy Quilt – Hand quilting a little bit, here and there
    * Cathedral Windows -work in progress

    By the way, this is not my attempt to enter give-a-ways before they are announced on your blog…I am just sharing.

    I hope to back the Unicorn quilt today so I can take it to guild tomorrow. I should work on the Thanksgiving table runner to see if the THIRD Thanksgiving since I started it, is the magical one that will see this project completed! I am only moments away from assembling those Leaf quilt blocks into a top…just waiting for the mood to strike me. I’ve had the pile of blocks out and waiting to be assembled for over two months now!

    In my spare time I am hemming 18 dish towels for my elderly neighbor so she can embroider them and working on the Jingle Belle quilt so I can maybe have that done by the December guild meeting.

    I am feeling really good right now, because of the Unicorn quilt being done! Thanks for pushing me on that. 🙂

    1. You should be proud of the Unicorn quilt! This is an amazing list and I can’t wait to see your process. I think that there will be a Linky, so you may not have to rely on Twitter! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Sandy’s been driving BFSI the last two years, so I’m waiting to take my cue from her. I think the hastag will live on regardless, and I’ll be publishing a podcast that day either way. I’m planning on spending the day sewing and tweeting anyway!

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