Holiday 2013 Gift Post #1

You already heard about the various needle cases I made. Here are the final photos of the one I made for my BAMQG Secret Santa. Presumably she received the gift yesterday, but I wasn’t able to attend the meeting as the Young Man had a concert.

Gift Needle Case closed
Gift Needle Case closed

I finally finished the first needle case and am able to post about it.

I am posting a picture of it open and closed. While closed, it needed a ribbon or something to close it. I am not thrilled with the ribbon. I think it looks really nice, but it isn’t really practical for a needle case. I thought about other options, but the supplies for the closure I really wanted weren’t readily available.

When I was a teenager, thin hair elastics were available. I have a very few left, but only large. For this project I need a small one and didn’t have one. I don’t think they are sold in stores anymore as I haven’t seen them at Walgreen’s and such stores. I haven’t tried places like Claire’s, but will, perhaps. I would have put a button on and then pulled the hair elastic taut around the button to close. I will look at, and think about some other closure options.

Needle case open
Needle case open

I forgot to fill up the needle case with pins and needles, etc. I hope the recipient knows what it is without those little touches.

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  1. I made one recently with a snap, although I forgot to reinforce the fabric behind the snap so it is pulling the fabric a little.

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