Attack of the Hexies Returns

Hexies - January
Hexies – January

For months I didn’t work on the Hexies project, then on the first I just dove in and added rows. I am not sure why except that it didn’t require cutting. The hexagons were there, the piece was there and I needed something to sew.

I got my head around the Y seams and did it. I didn’t want to sew one hexagon on at a time and I had a row started, so I finished the row and worked on sewing the whole row on at a time. It was a lot of stopping and starting, but I just did it. I developed a system and kept at it.

Things I have to figure out:

  • How big to make it. It seems small now, but I know that if I fill my design wall it makes a pretty big quilt.
  • Whether to unsew a section where I sewed two of the same fabrics together.
  • How to finish the border – to square it off or leave it jaggedy. I am not sure I can face all those mitered binding corners

I  plan to just work on it until I am done with the top.

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4 thoughts on “Attack of the Hexies Returns”

  1. Looks great!

    I vote to leave the same-fabric-touching pieces. If the fabrics were truly placed randomly, there’d be more of those SFTs.

    1. After reviewing my podcast notes for the Design Series on Focal Point AND after quizzing the Young Man on what thing in the quilt was not like the other, I decided to leave it. He didn’t even notice and he has been helping me design quilt all his life. If anyone asks, I’ll say it is my focal point. 😉

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