Aurifil First

Happy Colors by Lori Holt
Happy Colors by Lori Holt

One of the gifts I received for my birthday was a box of Aurifil threads, 50wt. This is my first box of Aurifil thread, though, as you know, I was part of the Aurifil Club at the Quilt Bear for awhile. I am starting to think there might be a conspiracy afoot to get me back to my sewing.

Yes, Happy Aurifil Colors
Yes, Happy Aurifil Colors

I didn’t even know this group existed and I was really excited when I saw it, because they are truly happy colors. They look like a box of candy!

When I saw them it made me think that I would have to start piecing with colors to match my fabric. I want to use these right away.

One the other hand, I might just want to look at them for awhile and admire them.

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