Workroom Chaos

A few weeks ago I was feeling very “light and fluffy” in terms of projects finished and the mental space to start considering the possibilities of new projects. I had finished a number of smaller projects, had really made some good progress (reached a tipping point) on my UFO list, and felt like the world of quiltmaking was at my feet. I was just waiting for the inspiration for my next project.

How the mighty have fallen. Of course, there are never NO projects on my design wall and the ones in the hopper came to the fore.

Small Design Wall
Small Design Wall

Chaos reigned my workroom this past weekend. I felt king of overwhelmed by all the projects that were going on.

Large Design Wall
Large Design Wall

Finally I had to face reality that this chaos was what I was dealing with and it wasn’t working for me. I had to deal with it because I realized I was wasting precious sewing time.

The visual intensity of all of these projects plus the mess of my workroom was creating chaos in my mind. I couldn’t seem to focus, which is why, I think, I whipped up three cat beds. It got me sewing and gave me something to focus on so I could figure out a solution to my problem.

As I sewed, I realized that I needed to put away the donation blocks. I am not done working on them, but they didn’t need to be on the design wall.

I also let Scrapitude take over one of my design walls. There is a lot going on in that quilt and the sooner it is done, the better for the relief of the visual chaos. I wasn’t able to get the whole top put together, but I made good progress.

I also decided that I didn’t need all of the Disappearing Pinwheel  blocks on the wall while I was working on them. I am also using those as, mostly, leaders and enders as I sew Scrapitude together.

I started to use the extra Russian Rubix pieces as leaders and enders to get some of the octogons off the design wall.

I haven’t done anything about cleaning my workroom except making that one cat bed out of my own fabric. I figure that getting one piece of fabric out of the place is a start. Not a great start, but a start.


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