Finished: Scrap Lab Backpack

Scrap Lab Backpack
Scrap Lab Backpack


I am glad this thing is completed. It was a pain from start to finish, but it will be cute for my young friend.

I think it will be perfect for a beach bag or some such for a teenager. I do think a teen would like it better.

I think I am not liking it that much because of all the problems I had with hardware. The last part was the*&^%$ grommets. Dritz grommets, I think, are not that good in terms of quality. DH helped me and we had problems putting them in. He had to pound like a crazy man and we ruined 2 of them in the process.

Still, the adjustments I made to the sizes worked out and I did a nice job finishing, so I think it looks ok. One friend told me my standards are too high. I’ll keep that under advisement. 😉