Finished: Scrap Lab Backpack

Scrap Lab Backpack
Scrap Lab Backpack


I am glad this thing is completed. It was a pain from start to finish, but it will be cute for my young friend.

I think it will be perfect for a beach bag or some such for a teenager. I do think a teen would like it better.

I think I am not liking it that much because of all the problems I had with hardware. The last part was the*&^%$ grommets. Dritz grommets, I think, are not that good in terms of quality. DH helped me and we had problems putting them in. He had to pound like a crazy man and we ruined 2 of them in the process.

Still, the adjustments I made to the sizes worked out and I did a nice job finishing, so I think it looks ok. One friend told me my standards are too high. I’ll keep that under advisement. 😉

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11 thoughts on “Finished: Scrap Lab Backpack”

  1. The Scrap Lab Backpack is super cute! Grommets can be a big pain and I can understand why the hassle of working with something doesn’t make for liking the finished project all too much.
    To us though, it looks great! 🙂

  2. Your standards are not too high. I also hate grommets and probably would have used button holes instead. But they would have been less sturdy.

    1. I was thinking of buttonholes, too. We got the grommets in, but someone needs to come up with something better and I will definitely think twice about patterns with grommets.

  3. I agree, you are not overly fussy! Grommets of all sizes are a pain in the ruckus! I do a lot of grommet work in our renfaire costumes and I don’t think we have EVER not had at least two that didn’t work the first time out.

  4. Super cute! And thanks a bunch for posting the links to strap hardware in the other post. I am making a laptop bag for my sister and she wants an adjustable shoulder strap. I think I am going to swipe the hardware from an old diaper bag, since what I have found so far is just a bit small.
    I have used Dritz eyelets once, making a period costume for my daughter and didn’t have too much trouble with them. They were smaller than the grommets you used though. I don’t know what the difference is between grommets and eyelets.

    1. I definitely think that someone should really get a business going selling a lot of different kinds of hardware. Sherpani (the luggage company) has fabulous hardware.

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