Finished: Flower Sugar Hexagon

Flower Sugar Hexagon
Flower Sugar Hexagon

Well, the Flower Sugar Hexagon quilt (AKA Attack of the Hexies) is finally finished. I am still waiting to see Sandy’s piece, but mine is complete.

I was an idiot to make the bottom corners weirdly shaped. Sewing the binding down was a big PITA and my efforts don’t look that great.

I am pleased with the distribution of color and fabrics. The quilt is cheerful.

I am thinking of giving it to one of my mom’s cousins who was so helpful and supportive when Super G was sick and after she died. We’ll see.

Flower Sugar Hexagon back
Flower Sugar Hexagon back

Shockingly the back went together really easily. I had some big pieces and that helped.

My quilt holders were a little lazy this time.

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  1. I love the horizontal row of scrappy loveliness on the back of your quilt. Backs that are pieced can be so fun and free. Your hexies are great. Well done!!!!

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