Snowball Wreath Again

Snowball Wreath Block 2
Snowball Wreath Block 2

SnowballWreathDrawingJust a few weeks ago, I caught you up on the news of the Snowball Wreath pattern.

Do I have a bug in my ear?


I am fascinated by this block.

One problem I had with the previous post was that my Blockbase disk stopped working and I had to get a replacement disk before I could show you the templates or the detailed layout of the block.

I just received the disk, installed Blockbase and immediately looked up this block. Snowball Wreath was there in all its crazy glory.I am so impressed that Laura Wheeler would have the guts to make a block with such crazy templates. Talk about no fear!

They had used colors in the sample that weren’t to my taste, so I recolored the piece to look like the block I made way back when.

Snowball Wreath Block (drawing)
Snowball Wreath Block (drawing)

I saw the block colored, but I also looked at it for a long time in the drawing format. Can you believe those pieces? I am reminded why we don’t see very many quilts with this pattern. Of course, I haven’t see every quilt in the universe, so they could be out there waiting for the perfect time to show themselves so I have another blog post. 😉

Finally, you can see from the second block I colored that there are different ways to get different looks out of the block. I don’t think the second one looks quite as interesting, but it would definitely work if you wanted to fussy cut some fabric then put it in he middle.

Here is a PDF of the Snowball Wreath templates. Who’s making one?

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  1. I actually like the plain middle better, Jaye! The pinwheel looks a little too busy for me… And have you thought about appliqueing the circles instead of piecing?

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