EPP Growing

Half Hexie Cluster
Half Hexie Cluster

My English Paper Piecing half hexie stars are growing into a giant cluster.

I forgot to rotate the photo. What I think of as the bottom is the line of stars with the dark green and Philip Jacobs flower print on the diagonal on the left.

I have some diamonds that will make the border straight. I don’t know what color I will make them, but I would like to decide and make a few to get the feel of how the piece will look. There will be no black stars, so, perhaps, black? I hoping for a look like those 1930s quilts which just have a spark of black. I’ll have to try it out and see how it will look.

I recently finished adding a whole big section, or what I thought was a whole big section and it really turned out to be about four blocks. I thought it was a larger section when I was doing it, because of the twisting of the stars that needs to take place to get them together. I think I will add one star at a time from now on.

My biggest problem is the background stars. I need to make more and keep forgetting to cut the bright white dot fabrics until I am sitting and doing it.

Author: Jaye

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6 thoughts on “EPP Growing”

  1. I tried making these when you first began. I just don’t have the patience for it! lol But I am admiring your work! What about green for the diamonds? It would be like flowers laying in a green grassy field.

    1. It is a good project for car rides and I like to have a bit of handwork around. Green, particularly one green fabric, is a possibility. I am not much of a green person, but we will see.

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