Gift Post #4

2015 Bag for Peggy
2015 Bag for Peggy

As you may remember, it is the practice of the BAMQG members to make bags for the officers. This year I made two bags for two of the officers and two for the Charity Girls. The Charity Girls are not on the list, but Michelle and Peggy did such a fantastic job this year that I couldn’t resist.

“Fantastic Job” does not even begin to describe how inspired I have been to make donation quilts. I have been contemplating how I felt in 2014 about making donation quilts, which you can read all about if you want to go back through the year, but I can’t really wrap my head around it. Yes, it was an opportunity to sew. Yes, it was an opportunity to work with others either like Gerre and I did or by handing in a quilt top and having someone else quilt it. Those descriptions sound so selfish. Clearly making these quilts was not about me. It was about making something for someone who needed a bit of comfort. Sadly, I think, if I am honest, the why goes back to me. I enjoy making the donation quilts. I enjoy working with others. I enjoy handing off tops for someone else to quilt. I  I  I.

2015 Bag for Michelle
2015 Bag for Michelle

Regardless of my selfishness in doing good, I thought the Charity Girls did an awesome job and I wanted them to feel the love, thus the bags.

I hope they like them.

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4 thoughts on “Gift Post #4”

  1. I’m with you Jaye. I do charity quilts for all the same reasons. In addition sometimes I remember to think some kind thoughts while I’m sewing. More rarely I think about how someone will be warmer because of a quilt I’m making or some baby will have something new. I love seeing how my quilt tops look after someone else finishes them.

    I’m sure Peggy and Michelle really liked the bags and all the things stuffed in them.:-)

  2. They were so flattered to receive the bags and the members filled them with all sorts of cool quilty goodies too!

    Also, I think the best motivation for doing good for others is how good is makes you feel. I don’t think that’s selfish at all. If you didn’t get pleasure from helping others, then you wouldn’t do it and that would be a shame!

    1. I am so glad the officers were happy. I hope the goodies people brought were nice ones.

      Yes, I have to be ok with how I feel about Doing Good. I am sewing, which helps me. Someone eventually gets a quilt; that helps them. Thanks for reading.

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