FOTY 2014 – End of the Road?

I think I might be ready to start cutting for FOTY 2015. I know. It is nearly March and finally I am getting in gear for 2015. 😉 Sometimes you have to let the process guide you.

I said last time that I wasn’t sure how much more I should cut. I think that I made that comment because I didn’t have a clear view in my mind of how to start FOTY 2015. I hadn’t decided on a shape. I have a better idea now.

As mentioned previously (or, maybe, on Twitter), I have been ironing fabric. when my sewing chair starts to fall over because I have too much washed, but unironed fabric hanging on the back, I have to iron. I ironed a lot while listening to Outlander (long LONG audiobook) and let it stack up on my ironing board, but finally I was ready to cut.

FOTY 2014 - Late February 2015
FOTY 2014 – Late February 2015

I still have a stack on my ironing board, but Voila! These are the patches I have cut in the past few weeks. I thought there were more, but if there were I lost the photo.

Yes, I cannot help attempting to gradate the patches.

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2 thoughts on “FOTY 2014 – End of the Road?”

  1. in her defense she claims to have stopped writing while she could still lift the manuscript. Outlander audio is about 33 hours.

    1. Yes, and Dragonfly in Amber is about 39. Probably a good idea to stop writing while she could still life the manuscript. She must be a genius AND have a very well developed sense of imagination to have all of these stories in her head about Claire and Jaime and be able to string them together in some sort of of coherent way.

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