BFOL Top Layout

Layout - First Pass
Layout – First Pass

I finally had a large chunk of time to make some good progress on a few projects over the weekend. Yay!

I made really good progress on the Box Full of Letters top. I think I will have a top soon.

As I said before the straight layout of blocks was too boring and it felt too confined or compressed to me. I suppose the ‘modern’ movement is affecting me, because I wanted these little envelopes to breathe a bit as well. I hadn’t any idea what I was going to do with them until I started to put them up on the wall. I had seen a quilt where the blocks were arranged on the diagonal kind of like a rocket taking off.

Yes, I arranged the colors and fabrics as I went along, but not too much.

BFOL - almost done
BFOL – almost done

After I got all the blocks up on the wall in the arrangement above, I looked at them for awhile, moving a few around and trying to imagine the final effect. I decided to go for it and began sewing. I sewed for probably 10 hours on Saturday, which is what happens when I am sew-deprived and finally get some time. I thought I would finish the top on Sunday, but I didn’t quite. I only have a few seams left.

I am more pleased with this piece than I had been. After quilting, I think I will just put a binding on it and leave it without borders.

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6 thoughts on “BFOL Top Layout”

  1. OH! Whew! I had the same feeling about the box of letters. Too many to really appreciate the ‘letters’. I love what you did!

    1. It is interesting that you say that, because if you save letters and put them in a box, it is quite overwhelming to open the box. Bits of paper from opening the letters, extra pages, etc. Thanks for your kind words and continuing to read!

  2. I agree, the block itself is too busy to be side-by-side of each other. I can imagine them framed with sashing, or with your arrangement with some negative space in between. I really like the background fabric you picked. Hurray for chunking! :)))

    1. I agree. The design was lost when they were all side by said, aside from the fact that the layout was boring. I didn’t even think of sashing, but am glad I did it this way. Yes, I did chunk it, baby! 😉

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