Flying Geese Again

Flying Geese June 2015
Flying Geese June 2015

I have received more Flying Geese and I have made a few more as well. My last update was May 23 and this group doesn’t seem like enough, but it has to be. I am pretty sure I am not behind.

My geese have been a tough group to make. I am having problems with the measurements on the rulers I am using. I don’t know why the directions say to make the small squares one size and then the geese cannot be trimmed to the proper size. I was in a panic and a rush, so I sent them to TFQ anyway. I know she can handle the smaller seam allowance and I will make a few extras down the road.

Still, I am annoyed at the measurements.

Yes, I am cutting the squares larger now, but I have a whole bunch of squares that are just slightly too small. It is very irritating.

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